Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Group may be formed to counter BNP

AN anti-racist umbrella organisation may set up a branch in Fleetwood to combat the town's new British National Party group.
The Lancaster branch of Unite Against Fascism says it is concerned about developments in Fleetwood.
Member Ketlan Ossowski saw a report in the Weekly News and believes efforts should be made to counter the BNP here.
The Fleetwood branch of the BNP held its first official meeting in the town last week, a private meeting that involved 28 people.
Mr Ossoswski said: "Lancaster UAF is an extremely active group that works alongside a similar group based in Barrow to combat the growth of the British National Party.
"I'm assuming that there is no active anti-fascist organisation in Fleetwood at this time. From our experiences in other areas -
principally Blackpool - we have learned that unless such groups are opposed rigorously and continually they will grow fast and strong.
"That is what has happened in Blackpool and presumably why Fleetwood now has a branch.
"The British National Party has won many seats but it councillors do nothing for their constituents and stir up a lot of unrest in communities."
Mr Ossowski has made contact with Fleetwood Labour Councillor Keith Riley and raised his concerns.
Coun Riley said he is to meet with other Labour councillors to discuss the local BNP branch, although he said it was unlikely he would be involved in setting up a local UAF group.
Coun Riley, who recently voiced views that Fleetwood people were too sensible and tolerant to vote BNP, conceded that there were times when those opposed to extremist groups needed to be more pro-active.
He told the Weekly News: "People do get fed up of governments after a while and protest votes seem attractive. But there are some very sinister sides to the BNP."

Fleetwood Weekly News
14 June 2006

Wednesday, 7 June 2006

BNP meeting is defended

A FLEETWOOD pub landlord has defended the decision to host a British National Party meeting.
THE BNP staged an event at the Victoria pub on Dock Street last night, and further meetings may be held there in future.
Landlord Eric Pollitt said sympathisers of the controversial party were simply fed up with the main political parties and wanted to mount a protest.
Mr Pollitt, 63, said: "I have been a Conservative all my life and was involved with my local party in Cleveleys.
"But I have become disillusioned at the way this country has been run, first with John Mayor and certainly with New Labour.
"I am not a member of the BNP and have not actually organised this meeting, but I would not rule out voting BNP as a protest vote."
Mr Politt stressed he would be monitoring the meeting to ensure that no racist comments were made.
Last week Fleetwood Labour councillor Keith Riley said he was confident that Fleetwood folk were too sensible to support the BNP and that any vote for the party would be a waste.
But Weekly News reader Jeff Neave hit back: "Councillor Riley should wake up and get in the real world. Fleetwood people are starting to resent the Labour party and have had enough. I would listen to what the BNP have to say."

Fleetwood Weekly News
7 June 2006