Sunday, 15 November 2009

BNP ditches Blackpool

THE British National Party has moved away from Blackpool for its annual conference, which takes place today.
The controversial far-right party has held the event at the New Kimberley Hotel, on South Promenade, for the past three years.

But sources revealed today's conference is taking place in Hindley Green, near Wigan.

BNP bosses have been tight-lipped about where this year's event would be held - saying only it would be in "the North West" and they were unable to confirm whether or not it would be in Blackpool.

Earlier this year the party held a celebration event in Blackpool after its leader Nick Griffin was successfully voted in as North West MEP in June.

At the time, the BNP said it would be holding its annual conference in the resort.

However, Paul Jenkins, from the protest group Unite Against Fascism, said: "We've had it confirmed from a number of sources, including the police the event will take place near Wigan.

"The UAF will be protesting at 12pm, outside The Body Image Fitness Centre, on Swan Lane, Hindley Green."

Blackpool Gazette
14 November 2009

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