Sunday, 15 November 2009

BNP ditches Blackpool

THE British National Party has moved away from Blackpool for its annual conference, which takes place today.
The controversial far-right party has held the event at the New Kimberley Hotel, on South Promenade, for the past three years.

But sources revealed today's conference is taking place in Hindley Green, near Wigan.

BNP bosses have been tight-lipped about where this year's event would be held - saying only it would be in "the North West" and they were unable to confirm whether or not it would be in Blackpool.

Earlier this year the party held a celebration event in Blackpool after its leader Nick Griffin was successfully voted in as North West MEP in June.

At the time, the BNP said it would be holding its annual conference in the resort.

However, Paul Jenkins, from the protest group Unite Against Fascism, said: "We've had it confirmed from a number of sources, including the police the event will take place near Wigan.

"The UAF will be protesting at 12pm, outside The Body Image Fitness Centre, on Swan Lane, Hindley Green."

Blackpool Gazette
14 November 2009

Friday, 13 November 2009

Demonstrate against the fascist BNP's 'conference' in Wigan

Demonstrate against the fascist BNP's 'conference' in Wigan
Saturday 14th November, 12noon
Meet outside the Swan Hotel 737 Atherton Road, Hindley Green, Wigan, WN2 4SB
Click on image to see it full-size
We have been informed that the BNP's conference will take place this year in Hindley Green, near Wigan at the Body Image Fitness Centre on Swan Lane. This confirms other reports we have had.

North West UAF is calling a demonstration tomorrow - Saturday 14th November at Hindley Green. Please meet 12.00 noon, Saturday 14th November outside the Swan Hotel, Atherton Road, Hindley Green.

It is very important that the fascist BNP do not get away with holding this conference with no protest outside. Please do your very best to attend, and bring members of your local anti-fascist group/trade union/faith group etc. Please bring banners, placards and whistles and be sensible going to and from the demo.

Mystery of BNP venue

THE BNP has refused to release details of where its conference will begin tomorrow.
It is believed the event will be staged in Blackpool, but the party will only confirm the date and that it will be held in the North West.

The event has been hosted by the New Kimberley Hotel, South Promenade, for the past three years.

Hotel bosses have refused to say if it will be held there tomorrow, but earlier this year management did say they would be prepared to cater for the event.

Police say they have not been made aware of the location of the conference – which will be taking place on the same day as soldiers from 12 Regiment Royal Artillery are welcomed home to the resort from the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, with a special parade and service.

A spokeswoman for Lancashire Police said: "Our events and planning department has not been made aware of the location of the BNP conference this weekend."

The Unite Against Fascism North West group said it believed the conference was due to take place in Blackpool, but was not aware of the exact location.

Paul Jenkins, regional organiser, said: "In previous years, it has been held at the New Kimberley but we do not know if this is the case again this time.

"We have heard a few rumours, but nothing substantial at the moment."

Local BNP organiser James Clayton told The Gazette the venue was being 'kept under wraps'.

He said: "The conference is this weekend, but I cannot confirm whether it is in Blackpool or not.

"As far as I know, it will be held somewhere in the North West. I don't even know where it is being held yet."

Earlier this year, the BNP said it would definitely be holding its next conference in the resort, after its 'victory rally' took place at the New Kimberley in June.

The controversial right wing party was celebrating its success at the European Parliament elections.

Extra police were drafted in as anti-fascist groups held a protest outside the South Promenade hotel.

BNP leader Nick Griffin was elected as North West MEP in June.

Blackpool Gazette
13 November 2009

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Twin town racism row

A FYLDE councillor has been branded "racist" after voicing opposition to plans to twin Lytham and St Annes with a town in Japan.
Coun Barbara Pagett is furious at the proposal by Lytham St Annes Twinning Association to form a link with the town of Hayashima.

In a widely circulated email, she urged backers of the scheme to be "sensitive to the feelings of those with longer memories".

Coun Pagett wrote: "I realise that by voicing my opinion in public regarding twinning that I lay myself open to being labelled bigot or racist by some people. However, I do have the right to say what I think and I'm neither being racist nor bigoted.

"It might be 63 years since the theatre of operations in the Far East during the Second World War ended, but I believe it's not yet long to forget what happened there.

"I would urge those promoting twinning with a Japanese town to sensitive to the feelings of those with longer memories."

She said her stance stemmed from the experience of a family friend who she claims was tortured in Burma by the Japanese.

Coun Pagett added: "In some years time, will the families and friends of those serving in present conflicts want to twin with somewhere in Iraq or Afghanistan? I think not."

But Coun Barbara MacKenzie, chairman of the Lytham St Annes Twinning Association, who recently visited Hiyashima with her husband and has hosted the town's mayor in St Annes, said the claims made her "ashamed to be British".

"It's ridiculous," she said. "The people in Japan made my husband and I so welcome and are so polite, friendly and lovely.

"They would like students to be able to come over and get a taste of English culture as well has having the chance to speak with people who have English as their first language to help their studies.

"I didn't realise there would be such opposition and to be honest it makes me ashamed to be British.

"I think it's un-Christian, racist and if Britain was to fall out with every country they had ever been at war with we would not be friends with any countries."

Coun MacKenzie pointed out St Annes is already twinned with Werne in Germany.

Coun Susan Fazackerley, cabinet member for leisure and tourism, said: "The opinion provided by the councillor about the proposal for St Annes is a personal opinion and does not represent the opinion of Fylde Council."

The proposals are at a very early stage. The Lytham St Annes Twinning Association is in initial discussions with their opposites in Hayashima.

Blackpool Gazette
12 November 2009

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Inside view on the BNP

Cleveleys residents that the BNP turned away because of the colour of their skin
BURLY security staff in heavy, black coats guard the door while police pace outside the Frank Townend Centre in Cleveleys.
It's not the usual midweek sight outside the Beach Road community centre where children go for dance classes and ladies meet for art and craft sessions.
But it's not every night the BNP holds a rally in the quaint seaside town. And it's certainly not often the press get invited to see what goes on
behind those well guarded doors.
So when Clive Jefferson, North West BNP regional organiser, ushered me into their meeting room, I was quite taken aback.
Going inside, I pass a passionate group of anti-fascist protesters waving placards and shouting.
One protester, Jane from Blackpool Trades Union Council told me: "We will fight wherever the BNP stand. If we stand together, we will oppose them quicker."
Then there's an army of bouncers, wearing BNP badges, to negotiate.
I join around 40 people – BNP members and invitees – who have turned up to listen to the party's policies and their plans to form a branch in Wyre.
Stood in front of a large banner proclaiming "British jobs for British workers" with a Union Jack flag beside him Mr Jefferson said: "We are a legitimate party, we have a right to hold a meeting here. We want British jobs for British workers. We want the troops out of Iraq."
The audience – a few women but mainly men in their 50s and 60s – burst into applause.
But what about their ideas for Cleveleys?
James Clayton, candidate for next week's Jubilee ward by-election, said: "The major problems are anti-social behaviour and drug use in Cleveleys, needles being found on the Promenade, mess in the roads, grass cuttings and street lighting.
"A lot of people have shown interest in our party and this is our chance to show ourselves for who we are, which isn't the skinhead or thugs and yob image."
One member offers me a drink as he says: "We're not intimidating are we? We get a lot of bad press but we're not thugs."
But I don't like what I hear next as around six people put their hands up to request an application form to become a BNP member. One convert shouts: "I'll have an application form, but not a coloured one!"
It was greeted with laughter by most in the audience, and was a deeply unpleasant reminder of where I was. I had a distinctly uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.
While inside the building the recruitment drive was in full flow, it was a different story outside as four people got turned away. All were either black or Asian. There were no members of the ethnic minorities inside.
As I left a security guard told me: "After a while it was getting full up so we decided it had to be members only."
Strange that, as I was given a seat all to myself and I'm not a member. And I swear there was plenty of space.
Madhvi Chabba-Moudgil, 35, from St Annes, was one of those turned away, along with partner Vishal Moudgil and brother SK Chabba.
She said: "Allowing a party that only allows certain people to join only goes towards a breakdown of relationships between all sections of the community and further leads to spoil the good work of people who work towards integration and good relations between different communities and classes of society. In this day and age, for a society of this kind to require police presence at a community centre, is a very sad statement in humanity. What hope is there for integration of society?"
Stephen Howard, 32, who is black and from Cleveleys, who was also turned away, said: "When I asked why, they said: 'what does BNP stand for?'"
The refusals put Bernie Naughton off from going inside. The 42-year-old from Poulton said: "I came down to hear their opinions but then I saw they were not letting Stephen in I changed my mind."
Around seven police officers were outside to make sure the rally and protest passed off peacefully. Supt Richard Spedding said officers would be looking into the circumstances surrounding people being refused entry. He then praised protesters, including those from Unite Against Fascism, Lancaster Unity and Blackpool Fylde and Wyre Trades Union Council, for how they behaved during their demonstration.
Anti-fascist campaigners are planning a protest in London against the BNP leader's presence on BBC One's Question Time on October 22. Black writer Bonnie Greer will take part in a televised debate with far right party leader Nick Griffin. They will be joined by Justice Secretary Jack Straw – the first senior Labour politician to say that he was willing to appear on the show with Mr Griffin.
* The other candidates for the Jubilee by-election are: Roy Hopwood representing the UK
Independence Party, Wayne Martin for Labour and Tory David Walmsley.

Source: Fleetwood Weekly News
15 October 2009

BNP shows its true colours at Cleveleys

Four potential new members turned away, one driven off by overt racism and a Griffinless meeting that never really started

The BNP meeting held at the Frank Townend Community Centre at Cleveleys last night has all the hallmarks of legend. Not because it was well-attended because it wasn't - only thirty to thirty-five turned up at most. In fact, all we anti-fascist protestors saw from our clear view of the door was the usual old guard of the local BNP - local being all the members the local groups could muster up from as far afield as Carlisle and Penrith.

The only potential new member we spotted was a boy of about seven who was being dragged along by someone we can only hope was his father. This poor little sod was hauled past us twice, presumably in the hope that someone on our side would go insane and hit him with a brick but despite the obvious provocation Dad was disappointed and eventually scowled his way back into the Community Centre. Junior's probably the BNP's newest recruit now.

Despite the short notice around sixty anti-fascists turned out to protest against the BNP being allowed to use the Centre to spread their fascist views around. Many of you will know that we attempted to have the meeting cancelled on the grounds that the BNP is racist and divisive, but we were hindered by the actions of the Chief Executive of Wyre Borough Council Jim Corry, who ignored any complaints, stating that the BNP is a registered political party and must therefore have access to all the facilities that are provided to the other parties. Mr Corry might care to check out the regulations regarding the hire of public facilities to political parties because one of the rules is that;
'the meeting must be open to all members of the public, and not restricted to ticket holders or members only'
This rule is pretty easy to understand - even for the BNP - so it came as something of a shock to a small group of people when they were refused admittance on the grounds that they were not members of the party. When they very politely offered to join the BNP on the spot, they were informed that there were no membership forms on the premises and turned away. Strangely, they were not asked for their names or contact numbers. But then, they were Asian.

Similarly, a young man who came over for a chat with us, also attempted to attend the meeting but was stopped at the door. There was no messing about asking for membership forms in his case - he was just told repeatedly that he couldn't go in until he gave up and left. Oh yes, he was black.

There was even worse in store for the BNP. Not only did Nick Griffin (and apparently another speaker) cancel on them, delaying the beginning of the meeting (due to start at 7pm) until around 7.45pm, but the only would-be attendee we spoke with was a man who came for a chat with us before heading inside. He had obviously given the BNP some thought and was intending to go to the meeting just to hear what was said. On his way in, he was stuck behind the black guy who was bluntly refused entry. He stopped for a chat with him, both of them then watching the fiasco with the three Asian people who wanted to attend. Disgusted at the clear racism that he had witnessed for himself, he came over to us, explained why he was going and left, getting a round of applause from us for being a man with principles.

Annoyed at all this, Clive Jefferson, the BNP's North West Regional Organiser (the one with the dodgy number-plates on his car), took loads of photographs of us then complained to the police that we were taking photographs of him, before stomping back into the Centre in a huff, barging through Blackpool's idiot-in-chief Roy Goodwin en route.

All in all a productive and interesting demo, with people attending from Lancaster, Barrow and Blackpool, as well as loads of Cleveleys' folk and a lot of youngsters who eventually joined in (and told us where the nearest decent pub was, tut-tut).

We'll leave the last word to Clive Grunshaw, the Labour group leader on Wyre Borough Council and Labour's prospective Parliamentary candidate for Lancaster and Fleetwood.

'It is extremely disappointing that Wyre Council sanctioned a political rally by the BNP at a community centre that will be used as the main polling station in a Council by-election to be held on 22nd October. The excuse that the BNP is a legitimate political party and should be treated the same as any other political party is, at best, dubious.

Wyre Council was under no obligation to permit the rally to take place and indeed had they consulted their own policies on equality and diversity it would be hard to see how they square with a political party that espouses racist and homophobic hatred and intolerance?

The BNP claim that they have a democratic right to freedom of expression. However with the right to free speech comes responsibility. They should not be allowed to incite hatred and violence against other members of our community - they too have rights!

I was however heartened by a marvellous turnout of demonstrators from the UAF, Blackpool Trades Council and the local community who certainly made their voices heard! The demonstration was organised at very short notice and was a credit to all concerned.'

Thank you, Clive, and bravo to all who were able to turn out at hardly any notice. :-)

Source: Lancaster Unity

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Fury at BNP rally in community centre

Protesters gathered outside the Frank Townend Community Centre in Cleveleys
EMOTIONS ran high as more than 60 people staged a protest against the BNP as the far right party held a rally at a Cleveleys community centre.
The protesters waved placards and shouted as BNP supporters went inside the Frank Townend Centre on Beach Road last night.

Police were drafted in to prevent trouble flaring outside as around 40 people arrived at the meeting to hear from James Clayton, BNP candidate in Wyre Council's forthcoming Jubilee ward by-election.

Four people were turned away at the door.

Stephen Howard, 32, from Cleveleys, who was one of those refused entry, said: "I wanted to go in just to see what their opinions were but I'm not allowed in.

"I was born here, I pay my taxes, I have a happy family – is there any reason I shouldn't be there? It's ignorance, they are uneducated."

Mr Clayton, who spoke in the meeting about forming a Wyre branch of the BNP, said non-members were turned away because the meeting room "was at full capacity".

He said: "The meeting is for supporters we have invited. With this being a new group, people who have enquired about the party have been invited."

Local protesters were joined by members of the North West Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and Lancaster Unity and unions.

Labour group leader Coun Clive Grunshaw, who last week called for Wyre Council to refuse the BNP permission to hold the rally at the council-owned centre, was also there.

He said: "They are a racist party. They should not be allowed to organise meetings in the centre."

And Jain Gawne, who runs Blackpool and Fleetwood UAF, said: "The community centre should be for the whole community, no matter what their colour or religion, and not for groups who are racist. "

But Mr Clayton defended the BNP and said they were now a legitimate political party.

He added: "The protesters have got a right to be there, but it's the same old lines and the same old hysteria. A lot of these people will not be from the local area, they will be from Manchester and Lancaster University."

Source: Blackpool Gazette

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Fylde BNP meeting to face demonstrations

A BNP meeting in Cleveleys tonight is expected to face anti-fascist demonstrators.
And police have said they will be there to ensure the evening at the Frank Townend Community Centre on Beach Road passes peacefully.

Insp Dave Vickers said they understood BNP leader Nick Griffin would not be at the event which is a private meeting rather than a public rally.

But they had been monitoring the internet and discussions between anti-fascist groups indicated there could be protests, possibly from the group United Against Fascism.

He said: "From what we have been told, Nick Griffin will not be there.
"There is going to be some sort of demonstration and there will be a police operation in place to ensure that, if there is a protest, it is lawful and there is reassurance for the public.

"People are entitled to protest provided it is peaceful."

Wyre Borough agreed to let the meeting to ahead, despite protests from the council's Labour group.

Wyre chief executive Jim Corry said: "The BNP are a formally recognised political party and I am not going to make any distinction between them and ;any other political party when it comes to booking council facilities."

Monday, 12 October 2009

Action needed to stop Nick Griffin speaking at BNP rally at Cleveleys

It has been reported that the British National Party's leader Nick Griffin is to attend and speak at a BNP by-election rally to be held at the Frank Townend Centre, Kensington Road, Thornton Cleveleys at 7pm on Tuesday October 13th.

Although the local authority is under no obligation to allow this meeting to go ahead, Wyre Council's chief executive Jim Corry has allowed it, despite the fact that the Centre will be the polling station for the forthcoming Jubilee ward by-election and a rally of this kind at this late stage is inappropriate.

Clearly this meeting needs to be stopped if possible and demonstrated against if not, but first we need to attempt to get it cancelled by appealing to reason. Thus we're asking you all to call the Frank Townsend Centre to complain strongly (but politely), to let them know in no uncertain terms that we find this so-called rally both offensive and divisive for the community.

There doesn't appear to be an email address for the Centre but the phone number is 01253 863369. Jim Corry's number is 01253 891000 and his email address is

Assuming the BNP rally is not cancelled, we will have a demonstration outside the building from 6pm on Tuesday October 13th. Bring warm clothes, banners, placards, whistles and as many of your friends as you can. IF the rally is cancelled, we'll let you know immediately.

Details of the location are below.

Frank Townend Community Centre
Kensington Road
Thornton Cleveleys

Tel: 01253 863369

There's a decent map here.

Friday, 9 October 2009

'BNP has right to hold its rally here'

A British National Party rally is to be held in Cleveleys

Wyre's Labour Group has objected to the meeting, which will be held at the council-owned Frank Townend Centre on Beach Road at 7pm on Tuesday.

Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, could be a speaker and the Labour group is worried there will be demonstrations. It has called for council bosses to step in and refuse permission for the rally – but Wyre Council has insisted the BNP has to be treated like any other political party before the Jubilee Ward by-election on October 22.

Labour group leader Coun Clive Grunshaw said: "Council premises should not be used in such a way during the middle of the Jubilee ward by-election. The Frank Townend Centre is in fact the site of the polling station for the by-election and giving permission for its use for political purposes at this time is clearly not appropriate.

"The fact is that Wyre Council is under no obligation to allow a political rally of this kind to take place on their premises. A rally by the BNP – which we believe to be addressed by Nick Griffin – will incite the inevitable demonstrations."

The Labour group also says it has concerns the community centre is in a densely populated area.

But Wyre chief executive Jim Corry said: "The BNP are a formally recognised political party and I am not going to make any distinction between them and any other political party when it comes to booking council facilities. I do not agree this will be viewed as the council giving tacit support to one particular organisation, not least as UKIP has booked the same venue on another occasion."

And the BNP branded the Labour group "undemocratic" by asking for the rally to be scrapped. BNP spokesman John Walker said: "The BNP is a mainstream political party, especially now in the North West we have a member of the European parliament. For the Labour group to ask for this meeting, which is a normal political meeting, to be banned is anti-democratic in the extreme."

Candidates for the by-election are James Clayton (BNP), Roy Hopwood (UKIP), Wayne Martin (Labour) and David Walmsley (Conservative).

09 October 2009

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Concern over BNP's Blackpool parade

EXTRA police will be drafted in to prevent trouble flaring at the BNP's Blackpool victory rally.
The controversial far right party is heading to The New Kimberley Hotel on Saturday to celebrate winning two seats in the recent European Parliament elections.

Anti-fascist groups today predicted at least 500 campaigners would join a protest outside the New South Promenade hotel.

The BNP event – which includes an afternoon of political speeches and an evening of live entertainment – coincides with the start of National Veterans' Week when thousands of current and ex-servicemen and women will be in the resort.

Council leaders said everything must be done to make sure the rally and protest, organised by Lancashire-based Unite Against Fascism (UAF), did not impact on the veterans' commemorations.

BNP leader Nick Griffin was pelted by eggs when he tried to hold a press conference last week.

Although UAF leaders said the Blackpool protest would be "peaceful" police are taking no chances and confirmed they will be increasing patrols around the hotel.

Chief Insp Karen Simister, from Blackpool Police, said: "An operation focused on ensuring the safety of the public has been put in place to ensure the event and associated protests pass without incident.

"While respecting the right to lawful protest, we will be seeking to minimise any disruption to the wider public."

Jain Gaune, Blackpool and Fleetwood co-ordinator of Unite Against Fascism (UAF), said: "Since the Euro election lots of youngsters have joined the cause. We had around 500 in Manchester last week when Nick Griffin (BNP leader) turned up for a press conference.

"We're confident of the same amount turning up in Blackpool."

Opposition to the BNP rally – dubbed by Mr Griffin as "a truly awesome event" – has come from all sections of the political divide, but leaders have called for calm ahead of the planned demonstrations.

Blackpool Council leader Peter Callow said: "Opposed as I am to the view of this party you cannot deny they have been elected in the proper manner. The best thing to do is ignore the fact they are here, but these protesters are giving the BNP the oxygen they need.

"I would urge the police to do all they can to avoid a confrontation between the BNP, the demonstrators and the veterans in Blackpool."

This month's Euro elections saw 10 per cent of those polled in Blackpool voting for the BNP.

This weekend's rally will be the fourth time the party has held an event at the New Kimberley, the site of the BNP's annual summer conference.

Alan Reed, manager at the nearby Warwick Hotel on New South Promenade, said: "In the past it's been kept fairly low key.

"You hear some shouting and a bit of chanting, but most of our guests don't even notice it's going on."

Steve Pyatt, owner of the neighbouring Waldorf Hotel, added: "I believe in freedom of speech. What concerns me is when people are against freedom of speech."

"But who is paying for the policing? If football clubs have to pay when there's a big game on then political parties should have to when they hold an even

BNP organisers and management at the New Kimberley were unavailable for comment.

Blackpool Gazette
17 June 2009

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

BNP head to Blackpool for "victory rally"

THE British National Party is to hold a "victory rally" in Blackpool this weekend.
Letters sent to supporters of the reviled far right group - which controversially won two seats at this month's Euro elections - promise "a truly awesome event" at the New Kimberley Hotel on New South Promenade.

The hotel has previously been the base for the BNP's summer conference –sparking outrage from local residents, politicians and anti-fascist campaigners.

Protest group Unite Against Fascism is already planning to campaign outside the New Kimberley ahead of this Saturday's event.

A statement on its website said: "Anti-fascists will be protesting outside the BNP 'summer school' due to be held at the Kimberley Hotel from noon."

While opponents today presented a united "we don't want you here" message, BNP leader Nick Griffin promised the Blackpool event was "not one to miss".

He said: "Due to circumstances out of our control we will be substituting this weekend's summer school with a victory rally and celebration to mark the climax of the most important electoral breakthrough in the history of British Nationalism."

The "celebration" includes music and food, comedian Frank Waller, "BNP super star Joey Smith" and Karaoke and disco.

Fylde-based BNP officials today claimed the resort was becoming a stronghold for the party.

Organiser for Blackpool, Roy Goodwin said: "Things are changing in Blackpool. When I stood for MP in 2004, we got three per cent of the vote. In the latest (Euro) elections we got 10 per cent."
And he said: "We will definitely be holding our next annual conference in Blackpool."

In the Euro elections 3,523 Blackpool residents people voted for the BNP, 10,306 for the Tories, 6,961 for Labour and 3,523 for UKIP. Liberal Democrats polled 3,067 votes.

Added to votes from across the North West, and under the proportional representation system, BNP leader Nick Griffin won one of the region's five European Parliament.

The BNP's warning they would return to Blackpool today sparked outrage among leaders of the mainstream political groups.

Ivan Taylor, Blackpool Council's Labour Group leader, said: "The BNP are an odious racial group, and their policies are repugnant.

"My message is this – we don't want you here. I would urge hotels and voters in the area to research their policies fully, and not to let them hold their conference here.

"We don't want to attract the party to Blackpool. People need to understand that although there are problems that need solutions, the simple solutions offered by the BNP are not all they seem. It is really bad news the party secured 10 per cent of the vote in Blackpool, and we will do everything we can to stop them expanding."

And Ian Fowler, deputy leader of the council, said: "Of course it's bad news, but they are a legally elected party.

"I don't know the reasons why the BNP's vote has increased here, and I have major reservations about their policies.

"Of course it's not a good thing they are holding their conference here again, both this administration and the previous one have not welcomed them in the town."

Blackpool Gazette
16 June 2009

Demonstration against the BNP in Blackpool this Saturday at 12 noon

This weekend was to be the date for the BNP's Summer School - three days of party indoctrination and brainwashing - but has metamorphosed into a 'Victory Rally' for the party, Nick Griffin being eager to cash in on the unusually good spirits within the ranks of the BNP following the election of himself and fellow National Front-reject Andrew Brons to the EU Parliament.

As usual, every opportunity will be taken during the 'rally' to rip the membership off in any way possible, and that begins with the party holding this event at the ghastly New Kimberley Hotel, on Blackpool's New South Promenade (see map, left). Regular readers of the blog may have fond memories of the New Kimberley from a number of articles, not least the one which related Blackpool Council's prosecution of the hotel, which they described as 'grimy', 'filthy' and 'a hazard to humans'. It's no wonder the BNP gathers there, then.

The BNP's two newly-acquired European seats, won only because of the peculiarities of the system of proportional representation used in the Euro election, have caused a lot of anger. Newspapers and websites are full of recriminations, many against the exisiting parties but most against the BNP itself, which got in on the back of a succession of lies and bullshit which convinced many people to vote for a fascist party run by a Holocaust-denying, Islamophobic, anti-semitic nazi.

If you object to the BNP, it's time to make your voice heard. Blackpool and Fleetwood Unite Against Fascism is organising an anti-fascist rally outside the New Kimberley for 12 noon this coming Saturday (20th). Bring banners, placards, whistles, drums, megaphones and anything else to make yourself and your objections to the BNP heard (or seen), and bring your friends with you. Also, circulate any organisation you are a part of, to let them know about the demo and to help spread the word. The BNP might think it's on a roll at the moment but it's clear that the vast majority of people do not support it and do not want it in Blackpool or anywhere else.

Get down to Blackpool on Saturday at 12 noon and let the nazis know they're not welcome. The New Kimberley is at 585-589 New South Promenade, Blackpool FY4 1NQ. The demo will be directly in front of it.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Drunk and disorderly charge for BNP fan

A BNP supporter has been fined for being drunk and disorderly in Lytham.
Decorator John Taylor, 22, of Beech Avenue in Warton, was with friend Rikki-Lea Mynott, 20, of Lytham Road, Freckleton, when he was heard chanting 'BNP'.

Both appeared before Blackpool magistrates and pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly. Mynott admitted resisting arrest.

Martine Connah, prosecuting, said police saw Mynott staggering along Pleasant Street with a pint glass at 10.30am, on May 30.

Police poured the alcohol away and continued to watch the pair.

The duo were in Java Coffee and Wine Shop on Clifton Square at 1.05am.
The venue was closing and Taylor left with a glass.

An officer made him get rid of the glass and Mynott flailed his arms, refused to go home, and as two officers tried to handcuff him they were brought to the ground.

Gary McAnulty, defending, said both defendants were boisterous, but not causing trouble.

Mynott became annoyed after his drink was poured away.

Taylor walked off, but was arrested after police heard him shouting.

They were both fined £70 with £45 costs and ordered to pay a £15 victims' charge.

Mynott was also ordered to pay a police officer £75 compensation for his injuries.

5 June 2009

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Voting to stop the BNP - Facebook profile picture

Have you got your virtual window poster up? I've created a profile pic to add to your social network profile (Facebook, Twitter, etc). It simple says “I'm voting to stop the BNP on 4th June.” Please take a minute to change your profile picture and spread the word amongst your friends to get out and vote against the BNP.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Lancashire workers urged to vote against BNP

PUBLIC sector workers in Lancashire are being urged to vote in the European elections amid fears that the BNP could win a seat.

Employees of councils, health trusts and non-teaching staff at schools are being targeted by the campaign being led by public sector workers union Unison.

It is urging the workers to use their vote in the June 4 elections.

The European Parliament plays a role in making European Union laws and also has a say over the EU's annual budget.

The eight MEPs who are elected will represent the region on issues including environmental protection, consumer rights, energy policy and transport.

The BNP is standing in June’s polls.

Katherine Johnson, branch secretary of Unison which has 2,500 members, said: “We have worked hard to develop community cohesion and we are con-cerned this will be undermined if the BNP are elected.

“The BNP will get £1million worth of funding over five years which we fear will be put into the party not the community.”

In Blackburn with Darwen, the council is joining forces with Unison to make sure all its workers are registered to vote in the elections on June 4.

Unison, is working with Searchlight's Hope Not Hate campaign, to increase voter registration and turnout.

Ms Johnson added: “Unison in Blackburn, and Blackburn with Darwen United Against Racism, have joined forces in an anti-BNP campaign.

"We are working extremely closely.

On Friday, May 15, the council has agreed to allow its workers to wear a t-shirt in support of Unison’s anti-BNP stance.

Graham Burgess, returning officer for Blackburn with Darwen, urged people to use their vote.

Blackpool Citizen
Thursday 7th May 2009

BNP leader could set up office in Lancashire

LANCASHIRE could become the North West headquarters of the British National Party if Nick Griffin is elected at next month’s European elections.

Mr Griffin, the BNP’s leader, is standing for a North West seat at the elections, and has confirmed it is “quite likely” they would open an office somewhere “between Colne and Preston”, if elected.

More than 90 candidates, representing 12 political parties and an Independent, are set to stand for the eight North West MEP seats.

Over five million people will be eligible to go to the polls on Thursday June 4, to choose the region’s representatives in Europe.

Mr Griffin said: “It would be wrong to second guess the electorate, but we would probably be looking at two offices.

“One is likely to be in the major conurbations of Manchester or Liverpool and the other in the central belt, somewhere between Colne and Preston is quite likely.”

As well as the BNP, candidates representing the Christian party, the Conservatives, English Democrats, Jury Team, Liberal Democrats, No2EU: Yes to Democracy, Pro Democracy, Socialist Labour party, the Green party, Labour and the United Kingdom Independence party are standing for elections.

Chris Davies MEP, who represents the Liberal Democrats, is standing again next month.

He said: “This year’s list is thick with Eurosceptic candidates and we are proud to represent a pro-European party, we think it is positive for the UK to be in the European Union.

“It is important people use their vote as it is people who vote who make the difference.

“If you don’t make the effort to vote for someone who you think reflects you then you will almost certainly end up with someone who doesn’t reflect you.

“The BNP stood five years ago and there was lots of talk of them winning seats but they didn’t get anything.

“UKIP ended up with 12 seats but look at the sorry mess they have become.”

Preston Citizen
Monday 11th May 2009

Friday, 8 May 2009

Day of Action in Blackpool - Leafleting against the fascist BNP

In less than 30 days, Britain will be going to the polls.

If the BNP win a seat in the European Parliament they'll be catapulted from the fringes into the political mainstream and given access to unprecedented media coverage and state funding.

But we can stop this happening. We simply need to tell people the truth about the BNP and the threat that they pose.

To do this, a tool has been launched on the HOPE not hate website that lets you find campaign events in your area. We're asking for two hours of your time. At present there are over 100 events across the country and in the coming weeks we'll be adding to this substantially - rolling out the largest ever campaign to stop the BNP. Will you sign up to an event in your area?

We will be leafleting on Saturday, 9th May. The meeting point is:
UNISON Portocabin (Blackpool, United Kingdom)
Progress House
Clifton Road
Blackpool, United Kingdom FY4 4US

Please let us know your coming via the Hote Not Hate site or via Facebook on

Please come along and help even if its just for an hour during the day.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Labour division 'could boost BNP'

Former Labour leader Neil Kinnock has issued a warning to the party that continued in-fighting risks handing seats to the far-right BNP in next month's European elections.
After a weekend of turmoil at the top of the party, Lord Kinnock urged members to unite behind Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

In an interview with The Guardian, he said that talk among discontented MPs of a possible leadership challenge to oust Mr Brown from No 10 was "ludicrous and damaging".

The latest blow to Mr Brown's authority came from Communities Secretary Hazel Blears who slammed the Government's "lamentable failure" to connect with voters in a weekend newspaper article.

She even took a sideswipe at the Prime Minister's notorious YouTube appearance, saying: "YouTube if you want to. But it is no substitute for knocking on doors."

Although she was said to be "horrified" that her comments have been seen as an attack on Mr Brown - and swiftly pledged her "100% support" for his leadership - they fuelled speculation of a possible move against him.

Rebel MPs, such as former ministers Frank Field and Kate Hoey, were already talking openly of a possible challenge if Labour fares badly in the European and local government elections on June 4.

Lord Kinnock, however, said that such talk simply played into the hands of the party's enemies.

"In order to maintain Labour advances like Surestart and investment in health and education we have all got to get behind Gordon. We need to present a united front and not keep in-fighting which will hand victories to the BNP. Discussions of leadership challenges are ludicrous and damaging."

Mr Brown's position had been damaged by a bruising week which saw him suffer his first Commons defeat since becoming Prime Minister in an emotive vote on Gurkha rights, and a further climbdown on reform of MPs' expenses.

Blackpool Gazette
Monday, 4th May 2009

Friday, 17 April 2009

Twitter users tell the BNP where to stick it

We're loathe to write a second blog post about Twitter in such a short period (more from Kate Hollern coming soon) but for, as Harold Macmillan once said, "events dear boy, events"!

It seems that a number of BNP activists have ventured away from the chummy racist echo chamber of the BNP website to perform a bit of ill-advised "online engagement" with Twitter, the fast-growing internet messenging service. In the process, they've discovered first hand what the vast majority of the general public think of them.

The BNP leader Nick Griffin is standing as a North West candidate in the European elections on 4 June and Harriet Harman was correct in her recent assessment of the threat.

But we can take heart from the sturdy - and sometimes very witty - rejection they have suffered from Twitter users!

They seem to have adopted the "follow 1,000 people and hope they follow back" strategy. It's not even as they're targetting political people, as these hilarious posts show:

mattkirshen: Why are the BNP following me? Does he know I'm a Jew? And I'm in America so when I *GO HOME*, I'll be re-entering Britain
Flangel66: @BNPBen Get ready for a near-fatal overdose of Harry Potter and Doctor Who, 'cos I don't really Tweet about anything else!
blanche_dubois: Darling, what is the BNP? Is it some kinky British thing?

We're afraid it doesn't get any better for them:

Rogue_Leader: Urgh. The BNP followed me. How shall I get clean?
will_full: I'm disturbed to have found a user named BNPBen following me - I hit Block pretty quickly... Look him up though he's hilarious/disturbing.
christinamartin: Help I'm being followed by the BNP! Not for long though. Thank goodness for 'block'!
formulaic666: Why are the BNP following me? Let me put it simply. I hate you, your idiot redneck mates and everything you stand for.

Some users even tried to engage them in logical argument. Still no joy!

mrsminns: @BNPBen also thinks the anti-BNP messages he's been getting show a refusal to engage. Does he think "engage" means "agree"?
jaylett: On the prompting of @BNPBen, have read the BNP policies on their website. The words are 'thundering loonies'.
Well said guys. We couldn't have put it better ourselves!

Anyone wanting to read more (including things we can't print) or who doubts that these are representative can look here and here. Also check out our page on the BNP threat and Asif Sange's call to arms.

Source: Blackburn Labour Party

Apr 16, 2009

Monday, 13 April 2009

Police: No link to BNP

Lancashire police has said it has no connection to a BNP campaign leaflet being distributed in Preston.
The leaflet features a photograph of a police officer. A police spokesman said: "The leaflets include a photograph of an unnamed officer and it would be unfortunate if an impression were given that officers were supporting one political party against another."
The leaflet is entitled 'Say no to EU rule'.

Lancashire Evening Post
13 April 2009

14 suspended over racist e-mails

A major investigation is under way after Lancashire County Council suspended 14 members of staff over an allegedly racist e-mail.
The offending e-mail is claimed to have contained anti-Jewish material – and a large number of the suspended members of County Hall staff are believed to be from Preston.

But a union leader has condemned the move as "extreme" and added the County Council was "using a sledgehammer to crack a nut".

County Coun Vali Patel, part of the cabinet working group on voluntary community faith sector, said: "My understanding is that the e-mails were pro-Palestinian which may be perceived as anti-Jewish and that the members of staff who have been suspended were the receivers of the e-mail rather than the creators.

"I believe the majority of the staff who have been suspended are from Preston.

"The majority of them are Muslims, although they are not all Muslims.

"I think the County Council is quite right to have suspended them while they investigate the background of the matter."

Les Parker, Lancashire branch secretary of union UNITE, said: "I find it a bit extreme that 14 people have been suspended.

"You need to have sufficient evidence to do this.

"I would be concerned if these 14 people have been suspended on something that may be considered to be inappropriate if it is a silly joke e-mail that deserves a slap on the wrist rather than suspension.

"If all these employees have been guilty of is receiving the e-mail, then suspending them is totally inappropriate and way over the top.

"If, however, they have then passed the offending e-mail on, then that is inappropriate.

"It seems to me the County Council are using a sledgehammer to crack a nut."

The departments involved in the scandal are believed to include Adult Social Care and Children and Young People.

If found guilty, the workers will face disciplinary action and could even be sacked.

Lancashire Evening Post
13 April 2009

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Swastika graffiti insult to war dead

War Memorial defaced by a large spray painted SwastikaWAR veterans were reduced to tears after mindless vandals defaced a Fylde coast War Memorial.
Blue swastikas were sprayed on and around the monument in Fleetwood.

And among the stunned people who queued up to condemn the damage was Frank Bee, 83, a former Royal Navy man who took part in the Battle of the Atlantic in the Second World War.

Fighting back tears he said: "I have two pals whose names are on there. I'm lost for words. Why do people do these things?"

Chairman of Fleetwood Royal Naval Association Brian Welling added: "I'm disgusted. The people who have done this will brag about it so someone will know who has done it."

The desecration in Memorial Park comes just two weeks after the funeral of Fleetwood's latest war victim, Marine Darren Smith who died in Afghanistan. His name has yet to be added to the roll.

Ron Kennedy of the King's Own Association said: "I'm speechless. It's just crazy."

Local councillor Ruth Duffy said: "I'm appalled. You can't fathom out what goes through the brains of these idiots.

"And it's so terrible after we have lost a young lad, Daz Smith. I'm shocked someone in Fleetwood could stoop so low."

Police found spray cans in bushes close to the memorial and are carrying out house-to-house inquiries.

Insp Dave Vickers pledged: "We're going to leave no stone unturned in relation to this despicable crime. As soon as the person responsible comes forward and admits their actions, the better for them."

Within hours of the graffiti being found yesterday morning, Wyre Council workers had begun cleaning it off.

Coun Lynne Bowen, living places portfolio holder for Wyre Council, said: "Acts of vandalism are always taken seriously in Wyre, but to deface something that honours people who have died serving their country is downright disrespectful.

"We are consulting specialists to see how the memorial can be protected."

Blackpool Gazette
10 March 2009

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Hitler wanted Blackpool as 'personal playground'

The intelligence image that shows Blackpool
IMAGES of wartime Blackpool used to guide the bombs of the German Second World War Luftwaffe have been put up for sale.
Although the Fylde coast escaped largely unscathed from the ravages of Hitler's Blitzkrieg – the maps are a chilling reminder of the devastation that might have been.

The intelligence images, which have been plucked from a former
German military base, clearly mark the resort's main landmarks including the three piers, Stanley Park and Blackpool Tower.

Now copies of the maps have been released for sale by York company

Elaine Smith, chairman of Blackpool Civic Trust, said she was delighted to hear about the maps.

She said: "This will no doubt be a source of much interest to a lot of local people, especially those who were alive during the war.

"I've heard Hitler intended to use Blackpool as his personal playground after the war which is perhaps why we largely escaped the bombing.

"I know the Italian Gardens in Stanley Park were mapped by the German's as the paths in the Italian Gardens clearly mark the directions of North, East, South and West.

"I very much look forward to seeing it."

The maps and aerial photographs were issued in Berlin in the early 1940s by the German Department for War.

They cover most areas of Britain with an emphasis on the south and east coasts – likely landing areas for the intended invasion.

The Blackpool map shows a number of changes in the last 70 years. On the map South Pier is named Victoria Pier and a large swimming pool is marked nearby.

The former Central Railway Station, which is now Central Car Park, can also be seen.

Michael Cole from said: "We're expecting a lot of interest from around the country with these fascinating maps.

"I got them from Germany around a year ago and although a few copies have been seen in the UK over the years, they are still very rare.

"They have immense historical significance as some of the few surviving remnants of World War Two German invasion material and also as exceedingly scarce items of local history for the areas of the UK involved."

The first bombs Blackpool saw in the war fell on North Shore golf course in August 1940. The most serious incident came on September 11 when a stick of bombs fell near North Station.

One was a 500-pounder and Seed Street, off Talbot Road, took the brunt. Eight people were killed and 14 injured.

Blackpool Gazette
23 February 2009

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Stop the BNP 'day of action' on March 14th in Liverpool

The BNP have called a march in Liverpool on 14th March. They have never had a March in a major British city before. Last time they brought up around 60 members, including Nick Griffin, it is anticipated that they will number around 600 that day.

Merseyside Coalition against Racism and Fascism has called a counter demo alongside the TUC. We hope to bring as many anti-Fascists to the city on that day. We hope to raise awareness of the issue and send a message out that they are not welcome in our community.

For more information go to:

Saturday, 31 January 2009

CCTV image released in racist attack probe

POLICE are hunting a man suspected of a racist attack on a shop worker.
The incident happened around 7pm on New Year’s Day outside the Somerfield store on Red Bank Road, Bispham.

A thug followed a 22-year-old man for a short distance and made racist comments before punching him on the jaw.

The victim suffered minor facial injuries but did not need hospital treatment.

Police have released CCTV footage of a man they want to speak to in connection with the incident.

Investigating officer PC Queenie Chan said: “This was a particularly distressing incident for the individual concerned.

“I would urge anyone who may recognise the man from the CCTV footage to contact the police immediately.”

The man police want to speak to is white, aged between 20 and 25, around 5ft 8in tall, slim, with short hair. He wore a white jacket at the time of the incident.

Anyone with information can contact Blackpool Police on 01253 293933 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Blackpool Gazette
30 January 2009

Friday, 2 January 2009

Disgust at racist graffiti on shops

POLICE were today hunting a racist vandal who daubed vile graffiti on shops.
The attacks took place in Kirkham at around 2am yesterday.

CCTV cameras captured the young vandal using a can of spray paint to daub offensive slogans and symbols across store frontages on Poulton Street.

Nine shop windows were targeted by the lout, who escaped on a bicycle.

Elaine Silverwood, owner of SilverDell bookshop and ice cream parlour, said: "This was a really awful thing to find on our shop window and something we've never really had a problem with in Kirkham before.

"You get kids writing their names somewhere and the police go and pick them up.

"But these were really nasty comments which left me feeling sick.

"I've been going through my CCTV to see if I could spot whoever's done it.

"The police have been in and spoke to us and I believe they've been to see the other businesses who have been targeted.

"We've not got it anywhere near as bad as other places.

"There's an empty charity shop across the street which has it all over the full window.

"I've contacted the council to see if they can clean it off, but if they can't I'll go and do it myself because it just looks awful."

Police spent yesterday conducting inquiries in Kirkham while viewing CCTV in the area.

Sgt Paul Fowler of St Annes Police said: "There has been graffiti sprayed on to some of the shop windows in Kirkham.

"Some of that was racist in nature and it has all now been removed.

"Inquiries are ongoing and we are looking at CCTV to try to identify the person responsible.

"We would like to hear from anybody who may have seen something or might match the description of the person we want to speak to in connection with this incident."

Police believe the vandal was a teenage boy.

CCTV footage shows him wearing a light grey Parka-style coat with the hood pulled up, light grey tracksuit trousers and dark trainers with light laces or a logo on the tongue.

He rode a dark mountain bike with white forks and front suspension.

Anyone with information can contact St Annes Police Station on (01253) 604697 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Blackpool Gazette
01 January 2009

Furious row in shop led to smashed windows

A MAN kicked in shop windows after a shopkeeper threw curry powder in his eyes, a court was told.
Martin Dalton, aged 21, of Southbank Avenue, Marton, pleaded guilty to racially-aggravated damage.

He was sentenced to do 100 hours’ unpaid work for the community and ordered to pay £500 compensation by Blackpool magistrates.

Prosecutor Pam Smith said that on November 16 at 3.40pm Dalton went into The Food and Wine Store, Whitegate Drive, and beckoned the shopkeeper to come outside and fight with him.

Dalton threw items off the shelves and a can of lager at the Asian shopkeeper before making a race hate remark to him and kicking in the shop windows.

Steven Townley, defending, said Dalton’s brother had previously been in the shop and when he put down a can of lager he had been drinking from on the counter, the shopkeeper objected and hit his hand with a bat.

Dalton went to the shop to remonstrate with the shopkeeper, who came at him with the bat.

Dalton threw a can of lager at him and the shopkeeper then threw curry powder in the defendant’s eyes.

Dalton lost his temper and kicked the windows, which cost £1,600 to replace.

Blackpool Gazette
31 December 2008